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    Must Have Accessory!

    There is always one item each season that people can`t live without.  It sells out fast, leaving you left jealous of those that got their hands on one!  The Blanket Scarf is this seasons must have item!  Our FAV one is of course Plaid - we Love plaid!


    Pair it with a Solid Top, Distressed Jeans and a Floppy Hat for a quick and easy look!




    Head over to www.thetopknotboutique.com to shop for these must have items!


    Happy Thursday Lovelies!




    Putting Together a Fall Look

    It's the most wonderful time of the year!

    I am not talking about Christmas- don`t get me wrong I love Christmas and we will touch on that obsession at a later date- but right now I am talking about Fall.

    Fall to me means crisp air, beautiful colors, and Fabulous Clothes!  Cozy sweaters, leggings, knit dresses, boots, boot socks, and stylish coats are all staples for Fall.

    Putting together a fabulous Fall look can sometimes be challenging with new trends and classic Fall staples.  My philosophy is keep it 80% classic.  I love classic pieces with great lines, structure and fabrics.  Sparingly adding new trends will keep a classic look fresh without going overboard on new trends.



    Plaid and Chunky knits are classic and literally scream Fall!


    Pair them with pieces like Faux Leather Leggings or Distressed Jeans to keep your look current.



    Another option would be to layer the Plaid Button Down with an Open Cardigan with Sequins Elbow Patches!



    The most important thing is to let your individuality show through your choices.  Don`t be scared to try new trends but not all new trends are meant for everyone.  Always stick with some classics in your wardrobe as classics never go out of style!



    Happy Fall!


    Mint & Stripes

    So there is no question about it - we LOVE this stripe skirt!  So much that we have featured it twice!  This time we paired it with a classic mint shell because we LOVE Mint!!  But who doesn`t??  Entire look is only $66!




    This shell also comes in a radiant RED color for only $29!



    Celebrate summer in one of our many light weight pieces and show us how you wear your stripe skirt!




    Look of the Day!!

    We love putting together our Favorite pieces to create one fabulous look!  Today we took our "Hot Southern Mess" Tank and Color Block Skirt to create a look for only $68!!  Add a set of pearls and you have complied with the Southern Belle guideline!



    The thing we love most about this look is the mixing of patterns with graphics and casual with formal.  Don`t be afraid to experiment with pieces you love - that is when you create something amazing!


    Start shopping and put together your favorite look!